Win Tat Graphic Printing Company is an integrated design-to-production company with in-house design and printing facilities focused on providing customize services to customers of all sizes.

We was established in Hong Kong in 1992, to provide consistently high quality work product for our customers. From traditional dark room and light table manual process to computerized printing machines, we having been experiencing and engaging in the industry for two decades. Prior to acquiring our own product printing equipment in 2008, we worked with a number of offset printers in Hong Kong.

In the process of working with these vendors, quality and delivery timing was always an issue and one that could only be solved by gaining control over the entire workflow.

At Win Tat, we firmly believe in providing innovative products and solutions to our customers. In 2008, the Kodak Trendsetter 800 Quantum was introduced, along with professional training, to ensure our customers can start their early technology drops

As today’s world goes digital, printing is still a vibrant part of this world; not only it gives people a physical product to hold, touch, smell or hear as the crisp pages turn, but also something that is missing in the digital world. We believe in responsible printing practices, so that we offer various digital printing products to cater the needs of our customers as of those promotional events and conferences, as well as different ceremonies. While we are carrying out the development of cross media to keep up with the pace of the digital world, our high speed digital printing services will excel your job with efficiency. And more importantly, to help lower cost and shorten production time.